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The Purpose of IASM

The purpose of the International Academy of Strategic Management (IASM) is to develop a frontier for "strategic management" which is vital for businesses to survive and realize growth in turbulent and uncertain environments. "Strategic management" implies deciding and executing not only adequate corporate and business strategies, but also relevant functional strategies including product and service development, marketing, finance, personnel development, and other strategies. The more uncertain the environment is, the more important this type of management becomes.

We regret that there are no academic institutions in Japan that deal with strategic management as a major field of academic research as well as a practical field for inquiry, and that the foreign institutions that have strategic management programs by name do not sufficiently stress the importance of synthesizing corporate and business strategies as well as relevant functional strategies. That is exactly the reason why we are trying to develop a new field of strategic management by establishing a new academy.

In order to realize that objective, we are promoting two types of activities that would proceed in parallel. One will deal with rather practical activities of analyzing real-world problems and devising resolutions. The other will deal with more theory-oriented activities to develop a "new theory of strategic management." Because of the difficulty of the task, close collaboration among academicians and practitioners is required, which is precisely why IASM was founded.

The International Academy of Strategic Management(IASM)

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